The Only Guide You’ll Need for GP

Welcome to the site! If you’re looking for help with skills or content building, you’ve come to the right place!

You’ll find written and video resources (updated every two days) that will help your understanding of the subject. This site will contain a general overview of what I use to teach my students, which hopefully will help widen your perspective on the world we live in.

My name is Gerald and I’m the site administrator. I’m a full time GP tutor with 8 years of experience teaching 1-to-1 tuition classes as well as group classes in centres. This site was created to provide current students with a repository of resources to refer to as well as to share some useful resources with the student population at large.

If you’re feeling lost about how to start improving your GP grade, start here! I hope you’ll enjoy your time on the site! Feel free to provide any feedback or ask questions if you have any doubts that I can assist with.